You are one of the most creative, positive people I know! I view Extraversions as an external manifestation of your creative juices and a way you pour your passion for bright, cheery things into a tangible product. I see it as a way to take care of yourself, by doing something you enjoy, which just happens to bring joy to other people, thereby bringing more pleasure and positive reinforcement for your craft. When thinking of you and especially your one of a kind jewelry pieces, (because, let’s face it, no two pieces are exactly the same…that goes with hand craftsmanship and is one of the positive points of your jewelry) this statement comes to mind “Extraversions – creating one of a kind jewelry pieces to complement the uniqueness of you!”

As far as value and working with you to create this exquisite pieces, I can honestly say you go above and beyond to make sure each piece is just right for the recipients. With all of my orders, you have been able to design specific pieces for a variety of styles and ages from age 6 all the way to those in their 60s and every one I have given your pieces to have been absolutely thrilled!

Kerri S., McDonough, GA
What drew me to Extraversions jewelry first was that you have been a good friend for a long time, and I am happy to support you. But what brings me back is the beauty and quality of your workmanship. I love your choice of materials and the way they turn out. Each piece is unique, yet there is a recognizable style that says, “Yes, that’s an Extraversions design.” Your jewelry makes me feel beautiful (always a challenge to me). I look forward to what you will create next!
Christin W, Atlanta, GA
You and your jewelry make my every single morning, when I must pick just which pair, and almost (bc I do sleep with them, sometimes!) my every night, when I hang them together with the rest of all their merry earring cousins!
Ilse P, Pine Lake, GA
I love to spend my extra money on jewelry from Extraversions and the Amazing Artist Lalah Manly. Each piece is so obviously made with care, love and joy that I smile every time I wear them. And each piece is a perfect, beautiful reflection of me as an individual.
Courtney S., Phoenix, AZ
Nickel free? She’s got ’em. Ear cuffs instead of pierced? This is the place. I tend to answer the “gold or silver” survey question with “handmade, please.” And I recently realized that my primary jewelry supplier was Extraversions! The designs are stunning. And the artist will even work with clients on special requests — you really can’t beat that kind of service!
Pam E., Atlanta, GA
Extraversions jewelry has given me a beautiful, one-of-a-kind accessory for my every mood, every quirk, every statement I want to make. The stones Lalah chooses are stunning in themselves, and her wire work enhances the inherent lines and curves within them. Her work continues to evolve; I find myself checking the web daily to see what new wonders will show up next!
Susan R., Pine Lake, GA
Extraversions lifts your inner soul. Each piece is unique and allows pure joy to radiate thru you as you wear them. I especially find the workmanship to be of high quality and designs to be one of a kind.
Beverly B., Peachtree City, GA