//Green Garnet Earrings with Wire Spirals

Green Garnet Earrings with Wire Spirals


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These earrings are a dyed green garnet with large focal spirals on front.  This mossy, forest-y green is soothing and lovely.  Sterling earwires.

2 in stock

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Product Description

I grew up in the jewelry business, and garnet ALWAYS meant a deep, blood red.  To be told these beads are garnet?  Well, that’s silly.  Or not, because they are just as deep and lovely, if a different shade, than your more typical garnet.  So much is being done these days in the dying of semi-precious stones, and while I understand how purists would be disgusted by this, I simply love the array of colors available for playing with.  So, here you have green garnet stone earrings with silver-plated wire spirals of love on front.  Enjoy!


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