Jewelry Party In Your Home

Hosting a jewelry party with Extraversions Jewelry is a great way to get friends together to shop in a relaxed, pressure-free atmosphere. Being pressure-averse, this is particularly important to me. I am present during the entire event, available to answer any questions and to take custom orders, with no sales pitch or presentation.

If you’ll provide a location, guests, any refreshments you wish to have and send the invitations, I’ll take care of the rest. It’s a fun way to have a girls’ night out (or in!) and treat yourselves to some jewelry!

What’s in it for you?

You will earn 10% of your party sales (minus shipping and tax if applicable) in free jewelry! If your total sales are more than $1,000 you will earn 20% of all sales above $1,000! You can use it toward your jewelry party purchase. Any amount not used will be put on an Extraversions Jewelry Gift Certificate issued to you via e-mail after the party for you to use at your convenience.

For each guest booking a party during yours, you will be sent another $10.00 Gift Certificate after their party ends.

I prefer at least 10 guests in order to book an in-home party and the location needs to be within reasonable driving distance from Atlanta, GA. Parties to be held in other cities can be arranged by mutual agreement and with overnight accommodations provided if necessary.

Jewelry Party for Charity

Extraversions parties can also be held for charity. They work exactly the same way as a regular party except that the hostess’ earnings would be donated to the charity the party is being held for. The donation would be a monetary donation sent with a letter by Extraversions Jewelry and made on behalf of the person who hosted the party.