Who Am I?

I have loved little colorful things with meaning attached to them forever. Sarah knew this about me, had taken up making jewelry herself in the prior year, and so put tools and 2 or 3 skills in my hands to see what would happen. I said at the time, “I’ll do this with you this weekend, but I won’t get sucked in. I’m too busy to be sucked in.” However, the fit was natural because a) genetics (fifth generation jewelry designer), b) small colorful things, c) it’s a meaningful experience, d) there is tangible proof in pictures of my growth process, e) beauty, and f) I can sit alone to play with my thoughts while creating with my hands. Therefore, instead of a single weekend of jewelry making, I began letting go of other things so I could do this more freely. What I’d said was true – I didn’t have time for this. Something else would have to be displaced.

So, I set out to develop a business plan that would be sustainable within an already busy life and which would give necessary attention to the inherent joy in making, fair compensation, and boundaries in support of my introvert needs.

That last piece is particularly important. I am a definite introvert, which means I find vast resources of energy from what’s going on in my head. I am the Introvert’s Coach because I love helping others honor their inner experience for a happier life; when they do so, they glow with beauty and empowerment. It feels completely right, then, to be creating jewelry that communicates the inherent beauty of the authentic self. This is jewelry as communication, as self-care, as self-awareness, as colorful joy.

My internal vision is that Extraversions documents my growth as an artist so that I can see my evolving skill set and aesthetic. I’m doing this for me. From a business standpoint, my vision is that Extraversions be worn and loved by anyone for whom this use of color, line, form, and weight empowers their positive self-regard.

Lalah Manly